Doctoral theses

Sebastian THOMAS, A calculus of fractions for the homotopy category of a Brown cofibration category pdf (Aachen, defended 10/2012, revised 02/2013, supervised jt. w. G. Hiß)

Master theses

Andreas LOHR, Augmentation modules and cocycles pdf (Stuttgart, 10/2022, revised 12/2022)
Veronika KLEIN, The resolution equivalence for n-complexes pdf (Stuttgart, 08/2022)
Chen ZHANG, On the structure of the 2-category of additive categories pdf (Stuttgart, 04/2022)
Jannik HESS, On the Bisson-Tsemo model category of graphs pdf (electronic appendix txt) (Stuttgart, 01/2022, revised 05/2022)
Jonas DALLENDÖRFER, Semisimplicial and simplicial homotopy and a resolution functor pdf (Stuttgart, 12/2019)
Monika TRUONG, Basic Representation Theory of Crossed Modules pdf (Stuttgart, 10/2018, revised 07/2021)
Maximilian HOFMANN, On the homotopy category of A_oo-categories pdf (Stuttgart, 08/2018)
Mathias RITTER, Quasi-model-categories pdf (Stuttgart, 03/2018, revised 12/2020, supervised jt. w. S. Thomas)
Nora KRAUSS, Descriptions of some double Burnside rings pdf (Stuttgart, 12/2017, revised 09/2020). Excerpt: The integral double Burnside ring of the symmetric group S_3 pdf (Stuttgart, 10/2020).
Sebastian NITSCHE, The minimal projective resolution of Z_(2) over Z_(2) S_4 pdf (Stuttgart, 09/2017)
Fabian HARTKOPF, Tori for some locally integral group rings (Diagonalizability over a principal ideal domain) pdf (digital appendix zip) (Stuttgart, 05/2017)
Vanda EGGERT, Operads in the sense of Mac Lane pdf (Stuttgart, 02/2017, revised 06/2023)
Stephan SCHMID, On A_oo-categories: Extended Kadeishvili minimal models and Keller and Lefèvre-Hasegawa's filt construction over arbitrary ground rings (extended version) pdf (Stuttgart, 02/2015)

Masterarbeiten (Lehramt)

Esin CELEBI, Zeichnungen von rationalen Abbildungen pdf (Stuttgart, 12/2021)

Diploma theses

Franziska MÜLLER, Some local presentations for tensor products of simple modules of the symmetric group pdf (digital appendix tar.gz) (Stuttgart, 05/2013)
Juliane DEISSLER, A resultant formula for several polynomials. Variants of Hensel's Lemma. pdf (Stuttgart, 02/2013). Condensed version: A resultant for Hensel's Lemma pdf (Stuttgart, 07/2014).
Simon KLENK, Group rings for the dihedral group D_2p pdf (Stuttgart, 05/2013)
Sebastian THOMAS, (Co)homology of crossed modules pdf (Aachen, 09/2007, supervised jt. w. G. Hiß)

Bachelor theses

Natalia-Maria ASIKI, From simplicial groups to crossed squares pdf (Stuttgart, 10/2022, revised 11/2022)
Svea DÖRING, The discriminant embedding pdf (Stuttgart, 07/2021)
Katrin LEITNER, The Galois variety pdf (Stuttgart, 03/2020)
Jannik HESS, Automorphism groups of monoids acting on number fields pdf (electronic appendix txt, magma) (Stuttgart, 10/2019)
Chen ZHANG, Classifying group extensions with not necessarily abelian kernel pdf (Stuttgart, 06/2017)
Jonas DALLENDÖRFER, Simplicial Resolutions pdf (Stuttgart, 04/2017, revised 03/2019)
Maximilian HOFMANN, A projective resolution and automorphisms for ZD_8 pdf (Stuttgart, 11/2016, revised 01/2017)
Mathias RITTER, On universal properties of preadditive and additive categories pdf (Stuttgart, 02/2016, revised 08/2017)
Sebastian NITSCHE, The minimal projective resolution of Z_(2)[zeta_3] over Z_(2)[zeta_3] A_4 pdf (Stuttgart, 01/2016)
Monika TRUONG, On Elementary Properties of Crossed Modules pdf (Stuttgart, 11/2015, revised 11/2018)
Nora KRAUSS, On twisted group rings and Galois-stable ideals pdf (Stuttgart, 11/2015)
Stephan SCHMID, An A_oo-structure on the cohomology ring of the symmetric group S_p with coefficients in F_p pdf (Stuttgart, 11/2012)
Daniel MINGERS, Nonisomorphic triangles on a commutative quadrangle pdf (Aachen, 10/2011, supervised jt. w. S. Thomas f. E. Zerz)