Teaching Calculus with MATLAB*

Klaus Höllig, Ulrich Reif, Jörg Hörner

Software Development


The current version of the TCM demo package contains MATLAB programs which illustrate the following topics: A collection of all demos can be downloaded here. Below you can find a preview of each demo including
a seperate download for each of them and a link to the corresponding Mathematics Online article for further
theoretical information. We are always interested in improvements and look forward to your feedback, which
can be done by sending an e-Mail or posting a comment at the Mathworks File Exchange project page.

Demo Newton Method
Newton's Method (27.06.2016)
Description: Newton's Method

Demo Rational Function Analysis
Rational Function Analysis (01.04.2017)
Description: Curve Sketching
Demo Steepest Descent
Steepest Descent (27.06.2016)
Description: Steepest Descent

Demo Rational Function Analysis
Mean Value Theorem (27.06.2016)
Description: Mean Value Theorem
Demo Tangent and Derivative
Tangent and Derivative (27.06.2016)
Description: Derivative

Demo Polynomial Interpolation
Polynomial Interpolation (27.06.2016)
Description: Polynomial Interpolation
Demo Taylor Approximation
Taylor Approximation (04.08.2016)
Description: Taylor Polynomial

Demo Tangent Plane
Tangent Plane (30.09.2016)
Description: Tangent Plane
Demo Fixed Point Iteration
Fixed Point Iteration (30.09.2016)
Description: Banach Fixed-Point Theorem

Demo Real Fourier Series
Real Fourier Series (01.04.2017)
Description: Real Fourier Series
Demo Riemann Integral
Riemann Integral (23.02.2017)
Description: Riemann Integral

Demo Bivariate Gauss Integration
Bivariate Gauss Quadrature (27.03.2017)
Description: Tensorproducts of Integration Rules
Demo Critical Points
Critical Points of Bivariate Polynomials (11.07.2017)
Description: Critical Point

Demo Extrema of Bivariate Polynomials on a Rectangle
Extrema of Bivariate Polynomials on a Rectangle (27.03.2017)
Description: Extrema on Compact Sets
Demo Constrained Minimization
Constrained Minimization of Polynomials (03.10.2017)
Description: Lagrange Condition

Demo Linear Program
Linear Program (15.11.2017)
Description: Linear Program

Other MATLAB CourseWare and Program Packages by the Authors

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