Teaching Calculus with MATLAB

Project Description

Worldwide, the curricula of undergraduate calculus courses are almost identical. Obviously, professors as well as students can benefit strongly from interactive course materials available via the internet, in particular, since there is only little flexibility for the optimal presentation of mathematical methods and results.

This project aims at providing a basic set of illustrative MATLAB programs to be used by teachers in lectures, but also by students at home to alleviate and deepen the understanding of fundamental mathematical principles. In contrast to the broad range of available classroom material which aims at advancing MATLAB programming skills, we want to focus on didactical issues in the context of the imparting of basic calculus.

For that purpose, MATLAB provides an optimal platform for development and later use. The targeted user group contains thousands of academic teachers and the giant crowd of students in calculus classes all over the world. In the first place, students will benefit from the content itself, but, as a side effect, they will become acquainted with the use of MATLAB at a very early phase of their education.