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Scientific Interests

Summary: In my scientific research I study problems in mathematical analysis and functional analysis, which arise from mathematical physics. I focus on the spectral analysis of differential and integral operators with applications to quantum mechanics.

Atoms and molecules trap electrons at well-defined energy levels only. The distribution of those eigenvalues has significant impact on the physical properties of the system. Their study is therefore one of the main subjects of mathematical physics.

For sufficiently large structures good approximations for eigenvalues can be derived in the so-called semi-classical limit. It describes how quantum mechanical behaviour will transform into the laws of classical physics. But often such asymptotical calculations extend to relevant information for the actual quantum regime as well. Namely, certain spectral characteristics (number or average of eigenvalues) can be estimated in terms of their classical counterparts (volume or average of phase spaces).

The respective results are reflected in the so-called Cwikel-Lieb-Rosenblum and Lieb-Thirring inequalities. Providing an intrinsic connection bewteen classical mechanics and "real" quantum physics, they are of principal importance. They find numerous applications, for example, in the quantum theory of many-body systems or in hydrodynamics. As a main line in my research I have contributed to the theory of these inequalities [4,5,6,10,13,14,15,18,23,24]. One should point out the results of [13,14], where we derive optimal constants or give significant improvements thereof.

In [3,8] we have studied Schrödinger type operators with periodic structures. These simulate the behaviour of electrons in crystals. Given impurities, electrons can form bound states at otherwise "forbidden" energies. We have shown, that for large localized perturbations the number of new energy levels does essentially not depend on the particularities of the structure of the crystal or external electric or magnetic fields.

In the paper [9] I study, whether an arbitrary small perturbation of a physical system will always lead to the trapping of particles (appearance of virtual bound states). The impact of magnetic fields on this effect is the subject of [11,12]. Virtual bound states are also one of the mathematical origins for the trapping effects in slightly deformed wave-guides. In [9,21] we give a justification for the so-called edge resonance states in elastic wave-guides.

Ideals of compact operators form a powerful technical tool to analyse eigenvalue distributions of partial differential operators. In [1,2] I have studied certain generalisations of weak Neuman-Schatten ideals. Applications to Cwikel's theorem can be found in [4,10,18,22].

Slides of Some Conference and Colloquium Talks

List of Publications

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