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Triangulated Categories in Algebra, Geometry and Topology

March 14-18, 2016


Brauer Graph Algebras

March 21-23, 2016

University of Stuttgart


Place Both workshops take place in Pfaffenwaldring 57, on the Vaihingen Campus of the University of Stuttgart. The train station 'Universität' (served by local 'S-Bahn' trains) is at the centre of the Vaihingen campus, less than five minutes walking distance from Pfaffenwaldring 57. When leaving the station follow the signs to 'Universitätszentrum'.
The lecture room V57.02 is on the ground floor of the building. Coffee breaks, computer rooms and discussion rooms are on the seventh floor.

Airports Stuttgart airport has many European and a few international connections. Underneath the airport there is a station for local trains (S-Bahn). The S-Bahn lines S2 and S3, direction Stuttgart city centre, stop at the station 'Universität' (travel time from the airport: about 15 minutes, the university station is the first underground station when coming from the airport). You need to buy a ticket from a vending machine near the stairs to the platform, before boarding the train.

Frankfurt airport is the main international airport in Germany, with direct flights to many countries. Frankfurt airport has two train stations; fast trains are serving the station sign-posted in the airport by 'long-distance trains'. High speed trains (ICE) to Stuttgart take about 75 minutes; sometimes one has to change at Mannheim. Slower trains may take different routes and much more time; they also can be much cheaper. Tickets can be bought from an office in the central hall of the station. All these trains arrive at Stuttgart central station (Hbf), see below.

München airport also has many international connections. It is connected by S-Bahn with München central station (Hbf) where you can change to a fast train (ICE or IC) to Stuttgart. This takes more than three hours.

Baden airport (Karlsruhe and Baden Baden) is mainly served by budget airlines. There are regular bus connections to nearby Baden Baden station (while Karlsruhe is further away). There you take a train to Karlsruhe, where you change to Stuttgart. The trip takes more than two hours and is relatively cheap.

By train Fast trains are arriving in Stuttgart Hbf (central station). Underneath this station there is a station for local trains (S-Bahn, signposted by a big white S on green ground as shown here). The lines S1, S2 and S3 (direction Vaihingen, further to Flughafen or Herrenberg) run regularly and take about 10 minutes to the station 'Universität'.

There are direct TGV trains from Paris Est to Stuttgart, taking about 3.5 hours.

The fastest trains from Zürich airport to Stuttgart, via Zürich central station (Hbf), take little more than 3 hours.

For information (in English) on train connections and for buying tickets online (printing at home is possible) see DB website.

Transport in Stuttgart The Vaihingen campus (S-Bahn station 'Universität') is well-connected through the S-Bahn network to the city centre (S-Bahn stop 'Stadtmitte'), to the central station (Hbf='Hauptbahnhof') and the airport ('Flughafen') and also to many neighbouring towns. Travelling by S-Bahn to the central station or to the airport is in general much faster and cheaper than using a taxi.
In addition to S-Bahn, there is also a network of trams (for Americans: streetcars) and of busses. On the website of the transport company VVS (=Verkehrsverbund Stuttgart) you find information (in German) on timetables ('Fahrplan') and tickets and also maps ('Karten'). When entering your destination please note that the university also has a city centre campus, far away from the Vaihingen one. Entering 'university Vaihingen' will work almost as well as 'Universität Vaihingen'.
Here is an explanation on the mobile VVS-app, which also allows to buy tickets.

Alternatively, one may also use DB website (in English).

Here are maps of the local transport networks:
S-Bahn ('Universität' is on the green, orange and red lines).
Tram (U-Bahn).

Some maps The mathematics department of the University of Stuttgart is located in the building Pfaffenwaldring 57, on the Vaihingen campus. Here is a map of the area around this building, and here is a picture of this area.
Here is a detailed map of the campus. And here is a schematic map showing the exits of the university S-Bahn station; the exit signposted 'Universität' inside the station is indicated by the S next to the white number 2 in the red circle. Pfaffenwaldring 57 is the building marked blue with black number 57.

Contact In case of any questions please contact tc2016 or bga2016 at mathematik dot uni minus stuttgart dot de.

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