Annual conference of the DFG priority programme in representation theory, SPP 1388

March 25 to 28, 2013,
Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll, Germany

Public bus from Göppingen to Bad Boll

Regular bus connection from Goeppingen to Bad Boll (see web site of Deutsche Bahn for the timetable):
Here is some official information, and some comments by our guinea pig (who arrived well and in time). There are regular buses from Goeppingen to Bad Boll; information is provided by the Deutsche Bahn web site when entering 'Ev.Akademie/Reha-Klinik, Boll' as destination. (Entering Bad Boll instead of Boll strangely leads to misunderstandings.)
Upon arrival in Goeppingen main station, you leave the station on the unique side where leaving is possible. Standing outside of the station you see a side 'ZOB' (central bus station) pointing to the left. And indeed on the left, just behind the station square, you see buses. Walk there to find a fairly large number of platforms. The bus number 20 to Bad Boll (final destination usually: Hattenhofen, occasionally: Weilheim an der Teck) is supposed to depart from platform K. (It may as well depart from a neighbouring platform, without causing a problem for travellers. Some, but not all locals, may be able to predict this platform.)
The bus takes about 20 minutes to reach the Akademie in Bad Boll. It does so after going through the village Boll and leaving that again. The station of the Akademie is within a little roundabout. (Inside the bus there may be screens showing the news and also announcing bus stops to come. These are the main stops coming soon, but not necessarily the next stop, so avoid being too quick.) Near the bus stop there is a group of nice buildings including the spa, and a park, and you feel you are close to an Akademie. Next to the bus stop, there is a sign showing you a foot path leading you in the direction of Ev.Akademie. Following this sign you quickly reach another group of buildings, which is the Ev.Akademie. There you continue following the sign and eventually reach the reception. Reception staff does speak English.

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