Annual conference of the DFG priority programme in representation theory, SPP 1388

March 25 to 28, 2013,
Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll, Germany

Equipment of the lecture room

Lectures will take place in a good sized lecture room (called 'Festsaal' on the academy's web site, see picture below). There are no blackboards, but a big screen and various other ways to write and to project material: two or even three overhead projectors to be used in parallel, a beamer, flip charts, metaplan boards (boards with paper pinned to them, on which you can write, these are larger than flip charts, see picture below). When preparing your lectures, please choose one of the following options.

Click here to see a larger version of the picture of the lecture room showing the big screen.

Click here to see a larger version of the picture showing a metaplan board.

Version one (recommended): OHP+Paper Use two overhead projectors to project slides next to each other onto the big screen. Next to the big screen there is generous space to put metaplan boards and flip charts that you can use for material you want to keep during the talk or for explanations during the talk or during the discussion (instead of the metaplan boards or flip charts, the use of a third overhead projector is also possible, see Variants below).

Version two: Beamer+Paper/OHP: Use the beamer to project a pdf file onto the big screen, plus metaplan board/flip charts as in version one. Using an additional OHP in parallel is possible, however, this removes the option of using metaplan boards or flip charts (see Variants below). Please note: Dividing the big screen between beamer and overhead projector is, unfortunately, not possible. If you want to use beamer, please send your pdf file in advance to Tilemachos Vassias, who will put it on a laptop connected to the beamer. To avoid technical complications, we would prefer for you not to use your own laptop.

Variants: Instead of the metaplan boards or flip charts, an additional screen may be put next to the big one, for use with one more overhead projector. Just using metaplan boards as a blackboard substitute is possible as well, but may not be found to be very convenient, since flip charts and metaplan boards cannot be moved up or down, making writing difficult.

Audio equipment: Microphones will be available in the lecture room. Facilities for simultaneous translation are available, but we would like to encourage you to be accessible without that.

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