• Tuesday, December 15, 2020

    Alexandra Zvonareva, HRS tilting for co-t-structures and cotorsion pairs

  • Abstract:
    In this talk I will explain how to construct a new co-t-structure from a given co-t-structure (A,B) and a complete cotorsion pair in its extended co-heart C=Σ2A∩B. This construction is similar to the Happel-Reiten-Smalo tilt of a t-structure with respect to a torsion pair in its heart and it induces a bijection between intermediate co-t-structures and complete cotorsion pairs. For a finite dimensional algebra this introduces a new component to the numerous existing bijections studied in tau-tilting theory and in silting theory, that is the bijections between intermediate algebraic t-structures, functorially finite torsion pairs, two-term silting complexes, and so on. (Based on joint work with David Pauksztello.)