• Tuesday, May 31, 14:00

    Xiaojuan Yin, Rigidity dimensions of representation finite self-injective algebras.

  • Abstract:
    Rigidity dimension is a new homological dimension introduced by Chen-Fang-Kerner-Koenig-Yamagata, which measures the quality of resolutions of finite dimensional algebras. Rigidity dimension is related to higher representation dimension, Schur-Weyl duality, Hochschild cohomology and so on. In general, it is difficult to calculate the rigidity dimension of a given algebra. In this talk, we will focus on representation finite self-injective algebras. We will present explicit formulae for rigidity degrees of all indecomposable modules for type A and D and give the precise values of rigidity dimensions of self-injective Nakayama algebras with the number of simple modules not greater than Loewy length