• Tuesday, June 26, 14:00, 7.527

    Sam Thelin, Generalised Schur algebras and representation type.

  • Abstract:
    The classical Schur algebra SK(n,d) can be described as (Mn(K)⊗d)Sd - the subalgebra of the tensor product of d copies of Mn(K) invariant under the natural permutation action of the symmetric group on d letters. The representation type of the classical Schur algebras was determined by Doty, Erdmann, Martin and Nakano. In recent work, Evseev and Kleshchev introduced the generalised Schur algebra SA(n, d):= (Mn(A)⊗d)Sd for A an arbitrary finite-dimensional K-algebra. We determine the representation type of SA(n, d) in the case where A is a semisimple algebra and describe some work in progress in the direction of deciding the representation type for more general algebras A.