• Friday, August 5, 13.30, 7.527

    Louis-Hadrien Robert (Hamburg)
    Recent developements around the slN-homology.

  • Abstract:
    (partly joint with Matt Hogancamp and Emmanuel Wagner)
    The slN-invariant is a polynomial knot invariant built up using the representations of the Hopf algebra U_q(slN). The slN-homology is a categorification of the slN-invariant: with every knot it associates a complex of graded vector spaces whose graded Euler Characteristic is given by the slNinvariant.
    After an introduction about the slN-invariant, I'll describe the knot homology machinery, then I will explain how some easy but somewhat new constructions in the category of slNrepresentations permits to extend the categorification to the so-called fully colored slNinvariant.