• Tuesday, February 15, 15:15

    Sergio Pavon, Coderived equivalence for commutative noetherian rings.

  • Abstract:
    The coderived category of an abelian category has been introduced by Positselski, as a Verdier quotient of the homotopy category. In the case of a category of modules over a noetherian ring, the coderived category is equivalent to the homotopy category of complexes with injective terms, which is an interesting object, related to the singularity category. In this talk we consider a commutative noetherian ring R, and exhibit two sources of Grothendieck categories which are coderived-equivalent to ModR: one is the tilting-cotilting correspondence by Positselski and Stovicek, the other are intermediate restrictable t-structures, as per joint work with Michal Hrbek.