• Tuesday, February 24, 14:00, 7.527

    Hiroyuki Nakaoka (Kagoshima / Amiens)
    A Mackey-functor theoretic interpretation of biset functors.

  • Abstract:
    In this talk, I will introduce a 2-category of finite sets with variable finite group actions, which enables us to regard a biset functor as a special kind of Mackey functor on it. This gives an analog of Dress' definition of a Mackey functor for biset functors.

    Equivalence of hearts of twin cotorsion pairs on triangulated categories.
    In this talk, I will introduce the construction of the heart of a (twin) torsion pair on a triangulated category, which generalizes the heart of a t-structure and the ideal quotient by a cluster tilting subcategory. I will also give a criterion for hearts to be equivalent, using associated functors.