• Tuesday, July 19, 14:00, 7.527

    Frederik Marks, A finite type result for silting modules

  • Abstract:
    Silting modules were recently introduced to study simultaneously (possibly large) tilting modules over any ring and support τ-tilting modules over finite dimensional algebras. In this talk, we show that silting torsion classes can be classified by a finite type condition. Moreover, we discuss applications of this result in the context of localisation theory. It turns out that a key role is played by the morphism category which allows us to view silting modules as tilting objects. This is joint work with Jan Stovicek.

    Frederik Marks, Homological embeddings for preprojective algebras

    For a fixed finite dimensional algebra A, we study full representation embeddings of the form mod(B)mod(A). Such an embedding is called homological, if it induces an isomorphism on all Ext-groups and weakly homological, if only Ext¹ is preserved. In case A is a preprojective algebra of Dynkin type, we give an explicit classification of all weakly homological and homological embeddings.