• Tuesday, May 3, 14:00, 7.527

    René Marczinzik, On homological dimensions of Nakayama and related algebras.

  • Abstract:
    Part 1: We report on bounds of the dominant dimension of Nakayama and related algebras. This corrects and proves a conjecture of Abrar.
    Part 2: We report on work in progress about dominant and Gorenstein dimensions of Morita-Nakayama algebras. This has relations to combinatorics and number theory.
    Part 3: We propose a plan to give a classification of gendo-symmetric representation-finite algebras up to almost \nu-stable derived equivalence. We also report on a qpa-programm to test finite representation type. We present some partial results. Part 3 is joint work with Bernhard Böhmler and people are invited to participate in a classification.