• Tuesday, September 19, 15:15, 7.527

    Julian Külshammer
    Indecomposables in monomorphism categories

  • Abstract:
    Motivated by categorification of cluster algebras, in 2014 Geiss, Leclerc, and Schröer studied the algebras AQ where A is a truncated polynomial ring and Q is a finite acyclic quiver (and more generally species versions of it). Of particular interest for them was the category of modules which restrict to projective A-modules. The subject of my talk is the dual subcategory of modules which restrict to projective kQ-modules. This is the monomorphism category studied by Ringel and Schmidmeier. We present general results to classify indecomposable objects in this subcategory. This is joint work with Nan Gao, Sondre Kvamme, and Chrysostomos Psaroudakis.