• Tuesday, February 9, 14:00

    Carlo Klapproth, Homological dimensions of idempotent subrings

  • Abstract:
    We investigate homological dimensions of idempotent subrings (1-e)R(1-e) for R in a class of rings including artinian rings. We continue works by Ingalls and Paquette (see [IP15] and [IP17]) and Bravo and Paquette (see [BP20]). We establish a homological relationship of the rings R and (1-e)R(1-e), the semisimple R-module S:=(1-e)R/rad(1-e)R, the (1-e)R(1-e)-module M:=eR(1-e) and the graded Yoneda ring Y of S. In particular we show for R artinian