• Friday, July 20, 15:00, 8.339

    Hongxing Chen (Capital Normal University, Beijing), Constructions of recollements of derived module categories from big tilting complexes.

  • Abstract:
    Given a good 1-tilting module T over an associative ring A, it was shown that the derived category of the endomorphism ring B of T is a recollement of the derived categories of the rings A and C, where C is the universal localization of B. Unfortunately, this result can't be extended to n-tilting modules for n bigger than one. Fortunately, since tilting modules can be regarded as a special kind of big tilting complexes, it seems reasonable to ask for a similar result by replacing 1-tilting modules with two-term big tilting complexes. This is a joint work with Changchang Xi and Huabo Xu.