• Friday, February 22, 14:00, 7.527.

    Wassilij Gnedin (Bochum)
    Distinctive features of ribbon graph orders.

  • Abstract:

    In the nineties Kauer and Roggenkamp studied certain 'non-commutative curve singularities' arising from ribbon graphs on closed surfaces. These so-called ribbon graph orders can be viewed as infinite-dimensional versions of Brauer graph algebras as well as gentle algebras. Although defined by particular combinatorial conditions, it turns out that ribbon graph orders possess a unique blend of purely homological features (for example, a Calabi-Yau property of the category of perfect complexes and semisimplicity of the singularity category). Using their homological characterization I will show that ribbon graph orders as well as certain special biserial algebras are preserved under derived equivalences.