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This page contains links to papers and to software that I have written.

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This is the best-of list. The page has my papers on the Egorychev method, the functional equation of the Riemann Zeta Function, and on Coupon Collector type problems with EGFs and Stirling numbers.


My page at the OEIS Wiki contains links to many sequences that I have contributed.

Demo of HTML 5 Canvas Object (Mandelbrot set)

This Mandelbrot explorer draws the Mandelbrot set using the HTML 5 Canvas Object and lets the user click 'n zoom to explore subregions. There is a running clock and a reset button to return to the original state. The source code is part of the HTML file. Save or view to inspect the code.

This is my GNUstep Jigsaw puzzle program which I wrote several years ago: or here:

¡Animo! The functionality of the UI is remarkable.

NWS: Network statistics

A Perl module and a set of example scripts to collect SAMBA user and machine statistics on a VPN, more info is here.

Maximum Disk Usage Finder

This C program will tell you what is consuming space on your file system. Get it here.

My Master's Thesis

Applications of the Mellin-Perron Summation formula in number theory. Selected pages.

PDF file. (1.4M) msc-thesis-riedel-extr.pdf

New! As of March 2009, an addendum to my thesis (outline of an additional chapter). Treats the sum up to some n of the largest odd divisor of k (between 1 and n). Based on a problem from es.ciencia..matematicas, which is here and here. Download it here: addendum1.pdf .

New! As of April 2009, an addendum to my thesis (outline of an additional chapter). Provides an integral formula for the coefficients of a Dirichlet series through Mellin inversion and computes the asymptotics of the sum-of-divisors function. Download it here: addendum2.pdf .

New! As of May 2009, an addendum to my thesis (outline of an additional chapter). Computes the asymptotic expansions of sum_{k=1}^{n-1} sqrt(k(n-k)) and sum_{k=1}^{n-1} 1/sqrt(k(n-k)) through Mellin inversion and shows how to compute the Mellin transforms involved. Download it here: addendum3.pdf .

Counting nonisomorphic graphs with Polya's theorem

New! As of March 2009, I'm learning Common Lisp. My first exercise was to implement Polya's theorem for the enumeration of nonisomorphic graphs, described in some detail in my GNUstep cookbook. Download the LISP source and a PDF of the results here: polya-graphenum-lisp.tgz .

Combinatorics and number theory

Click here for articles and papers on combinatorics and number theory.


I've used GiNaC to compute various generating functions and MAXIMA to solve differential equations. (My combinatorics page is here.)

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